World of Animals, Issue 32

World of Animals, Issue 32

Language: English

Pages: 100

ISBN: 3598964994

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fact-packed wildlife magazine, exploring the wonders of the natural world for animal lovers of all ages. The perfect companion for anyone with a love of wildlife – World of Animals is the only magazine to offer a truly entertaining, visually engaging and accessible exploration of Earth’s weird and wonderful creatures.

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2006, and are home to a wide range of exotic plants such as tree ferns and bamboo. 54 Train station The narrow-gauge diesel railway runs for a mile along the park, and the train is o en watched by meerkats on its way. LEFT Visit giant stick insects and friends at Bertie’s Bugs & Beasts Bird walk Visit one of the UK’s largest owleries, including barn, snowy and spectacled owls, and then experience the fantastic walk-through aviary. Bertie’s Bugs & Beasts This newly renovated area contains a.

Of course, man. The earliest documented sightings of these avian giants are by sailors in the 9th century. Explorer Marco Polo also reported seeing the huge birds on his travels in the 12th and 13th centuries. Elephant bird eggs have been prized by locals for millennia, but it was only with Madagascar’s colonisation by European settlers in the 1500s that the death knell rang for these creatures. Hunting, theft of their eggs, destruction of their forest home and diseases borne by alien species.

Of Nosy Boraha, off Madagascar’s east coast, is famous for whale watching. Humpbacks migrate here from the Antarctic to breed and play acrobatic games in the warm waters. Flying is the easiest option if you’re travelling from the UK. Most international flights land in Ivato airport, 20 kilometres (12 miles) north of Antananarivo. What the weather will do Summertime in the UK is winter in Madagascar – although the nights are cool, days will still be warm. Avoid cyclone season, which is from.

That work together to document this event. Providing a conclusion to your story is key. @ Thinkstock; Rex Features, George Logan The emotive images shown on this page were shot by George Logan ( after he was tasked with documenting what happens on a big cat rescue for wildlife charity Born Free. A lot of planning went into putting the series together, as well as spontaneity from George on the rescue itself. “I wanted people to see the organisation, expertise and passion.

Scurrying along the thick black clay soils hiding beneath the grasses. © freevectormaps; Alamy; Corbis; Dreamstime; FLPA; Getty; Natural History Museum; Nature PL; Thinkstock; Peter Scott/The Art Agency; Daniel Sinoca Asian paradise flycatcher This beautiful creature is the state bird of Madhya Pradesh. Usually found in areas of heavy forest cover, it darts around in the dark beneath the shrouded canopy, feeding on insects, butterflies and flies. The long tail feathers are a showy display of.

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