The Rosetta Bone: The Key to Communication Between Humans and Canines (Howell Dog Book of Distinction (Hardcover))

The Rosetta Bone: The Key to Communication Between Humans and Canines (Howell Dog Book of Distinction (Hardcover))

Cheryl S. Smith

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0764544217

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Far too often, we humans expect our dogs to understand what we say to them. Though we may spend a lot of time talking to them, we're really not communicating. And without proper communication, it's impossible to train a dog properly-- let alone make your human/canine relationship a rewarding one.

Packed with unique insights and gentle training advice, The Rosetta Bone provides average dog owners with the know-how they need to decipher canine meanings, communicate effectively, increase training success, and share a deeper bond. Focusing on the behavioral basis-- the ""silent"" symbols-- for learning, understanding, and communicating, expert dog trainer and competitor Cheryl S. Smith reveals how you can use your own body language to send a message and even teach a dog what specific words mean. She reveals how a dog's breed can affect his personality and explains how to decode-- and correct-- common behavior problems. With the knowledge and solutions this book provides, you will train more effectively, enjoy your dog more, and ease your own stress. What's more, you'll apply what you've learned immediately, with solid, practical advice on:
* Learning the As, Bs, Cs, and Ds of human-canine communication
* Teaching English to your dog-- and, in turn, understanding ""Doglish""
* Using body language to assist in communication and help your dog learn
* Incorporating various kinds of touch to tighten your bond
* Making rewards and reprimands real, relevant, and reliable
* Understanding the relationship between kids and dogs

Supplemented with enlightening, easy-to-do exercises with your dog, as well as quotes from trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians, and humane society workers, The Rosetta Bone is a revealing guide to making life better in your human/canine household.

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Background. What she was really interested in, however, was the interaction going on between owner and dog. The owner’s answers were often punctuated with asides of “No!” or “No, stop that!” and “No, Bailey!” After several minutes of this, the trainer asked the owner if he thought that Bailey knew his own name. The owner indignantly replied that of course he did. The trainer didn’t dispute it, but suggested an experiment. They took the dog out into the yard, and when Bailey had wandered off to.

The Rosetta Bone “Many” can create a crisis of possession wherein it becomes difficult to guard all of one’s possessions. I have one bone in my mouth and a bone under each paw. I have many bones. Considering this counting ability, three toys may be as good as a dozen. The average dog with three toys to choose among will feel she has “many” possessions, and you can keep them fresh and interesting by picking up one set and putting down new ones every few days. FINDING THE “ONE TRUE WAY” In the.

And your body to tell the dog you want her to come close. If your dog should ever get loose out in the open, you’ll be much more likely to bring the dog to you by running away than by chasing after the dog. Most dogs love to play keep-away, but will come running to see where you’re going if you let them do the chasing. 96 The Rosetta Bone a down position to a sit while bending over the dog in a posture that signals the dog to stay down. When the person is told to stand up straight, the dog.

What kids look like to dogs when they jerk their arms around and move in fits and starts. The child needs to help the dog recognize him or her as a small human. When encountering unaccompanied dogs, a child’s behavior is even more critical. Children should never initiate contact with dogs on their own, even if they know the dogs. A dog behind a fence in her yard may act quite differently from one out for a walk with a member of the household. Or the dog may be suffering an ear mite infestation.

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