The Rescue (Guardians of Ga'hoole, Book 3)

The Rescue (Guardians of Ga'hoole, Book 3)

Kathryn Lasky

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0439405599

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The third book in the GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE series, a classic hero mythology, chronicles Soren's quest for his missing mentor, Ezylryb, and battle against his evil brother, Kludd.

Now that Soren has been reunited with his sister, Eglantine, he must face his next challenge: making sense of the mysterious disappearance of his mentor, Ezylryb. When Soren discovers that Ezylryb is in danger, he and his friends Gylfie, Twilight, and Digger devise a plan to save the beloved teacher.

In this process, Soren must fight a ferocious foe who wears a terrifying metal beak, sharpened for battle. It's not until the confrontation is over that Soren discovers the true identity of his opponent. The metal beaked warrior is Soren's evil brother, Kludd.

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CHAPTER TEN The Story of the Rogue Smith CHAPTER ELEVEN Flint Mops CHAPTER TWELVE Rusty Claws CHAPTER THIRTEEN Octavia Speaks CHAPTER FOURTEEN Eglantine’s Dream CHAPTER FIFTEEN The Chaw of Chaws CHAPTER SIXTEEN The Empty Shrine CHAPTER SEVENTEEN A Muddled Owl CHAPTER EIGHTEEN A Nightmare Revisited CHAPTER NINETEEN Into the Devil’s Triangle CHAPTER TWENTY Attack! CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE Good Light THE OWLS and others from GUARDIANS of GA’HOOLE The Rescue About the Author The Guardians of.

Feathers. “What’-cha doin’ messin’ with that creep for? He ain’t around these parts. And I’ll have you know, I don’t sell to him. Not on your life. Not on my life. Course that’s a risk in itself, not selling to him.” “What do you know about him?” Gylfie asked. “Very little. I steer clear of him and his gang. And I advise you to as well.” “Gang?” Soren said. “Yeah, gang. Don’t know how many.” “Is he part of St. Aggie’s?” Gylfie asked. “You only wish,” the black Snowy said. And with these.

The beak to the nether down?” “I don’t care about how,” Soren interrupted. “But why? I mean, I know she was bad, but that bad?” “She betrayed my father. Turned out she was a slipgizzle for the other clan. Had planned to marry him from the start—as soon as they got rid of Mum.” “How did you learn this?” Digger asked. “I had my ways. Working for a master rogue smith you find out a lot of things. All sorts come to you by the by.” Digger looked at the coal-dusted Snowy carefully. “Did Octavia.

Say unethical. But yeah, ‘scummy’ just about sums it up. Soren, you surprise me. I mean, that’s really asking for a flint mop.” “Who cares about flint mopping? This is life or death. If we can discover something that would help us find and save Ezylryb, it can’t be scummy, unflecktual.” “Unflecktual!” Gylfie whispered hoarsely. “Flecks, Soren? Do you think this is connected with flecks?” Soren blinked. He had meant to say that word Gylfie had used—unethical. But it had come out wrong. Still it.

Nut Beam said. “Nut Beam, shut your beak,” Martin screeched fiercely. “Now, now, Martin! Don’t like that tone, lad,” Poot said, trying to sound very— Very what? wondered Soren. Like Ezylryb? Never like the Captain. “Well, I’ve been doing some thinking,” Poot went on to say. “And I think that this being a spirit woods as some calls ’em, I think it’s best that we keep to the ground for sleeping, no perching in them trees.” He swiveled his head around in a slow sweeping movement, as if he were.

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