The Awareness

The Awareness

Gene Stone

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0615944647

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

On a day like any other, all mammals suddenly gain human-level consciousness—and begin a systematic attack on human kind. Among the ranks of these animals are a bear in the Canadian Rockies, an elephant in a traveling circus in Texas, a pig on a hog farm in North Carolina, and a dog living with his beloved owner in New York. As these four contend with the realities of who they were before the awareness, and who they must now become after it, they are each called to battle. The animals must then fight two wars: the one outside between mammals and humans, and the one inside each of their minds.

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Hold an unwieldy stick in his mouth: wavering, unsure. “You’ve always hated me.” His talking rattled Carol. Cooper sensed she didn’t like it. It frightened her. It caused the gun to shake more. “Shut up. Quit talking. Dogs don’t talk.” “Drop the gun,” Cooper said, trying to change his tone from tense to calm. “A dog doesn’t tell me what to do.” She managed to stop her hand from trembling. She walked slowly towards Cooper. “King bit Sally. Her jugular. She’s dead. Just like that.” Cooper.

Rejected it. This made the bear happy. Humans with some sense. Then all the humans sat in chairs and watched the fire, which was dancing. It crackled. It was mesmerizing. One of the humans rose from his seat and rummaged through a container and brought out a box. Each of the humans took something from the box, then passed it to the next. Once they all held whatever had been in that box, they put it to their mouths and ate it. Interesting, thought the bear. What was in that box? After passing.

There. Why hadn’t she told them? Alone—she realized that this was her first time alone. How strange. She walked through the empty house with careful steps. She instinctively understood some of the objects in the house. The tables and chairs. The utensils and tools she understood too. Humans needed help to eat and sleep and sit. She felt a moment of empathy for them. She stepped into a room which she knew must be where the adults slept; then she entered other rooms where their progeny surely.

The present, or planning for the future. It meant knowing the past, and all the pain, or joy, that memories brought. Bear The bear watched the black bear descend to the battlefield below. When he reached the bottom of the cliff, he looked back up and waved the bear down. When the bear ignored the request, the black bear turned and charged toward the front lines. The bear watched him disappear into the fray. The bear could just make out the city near the horizon when an explosion lit up the.

She was now, and so she listened to the talk, and to the song that played amid the banter, the back-and-forth sounds that helped kill a little bit of her current burden, even as they pressed her forward toward a burdensome future. Jake didn’t take the bait. “Hillbilly Hal,” he said. “Who the hell is this old man and that goddamn twang? Damn.” “It’s Hank Williams and it’s my favorite. Anyway, what else we gonna listen to?” “I don’t know. Anything. Talk. The news.” “What the hell do you care.

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