San Francisco Zoo (Images of America)

San Francisco Zoo (Images of America)

Katherine Girlich

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0738569151

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In 1922, philanthropist and president of the San Francisco Parks Commission, Herbert Fleishhacker, purchased a 60-acre site in southwestern San Francisco. Fleishhacker Pool was built in 1925 and an adjoining zoo added in 1929. Originally called Fleishhacker Zoo, it featured a variety of exotic wildlife. Major exhibits were built in the 1930s Depression era as part of the Work Progress Administration (WPA). This book celebrates the San Francisco Zoo's 80-year history as it revisits cherished animals and structures like Monkey Island, Storyland, and Dentzel Carousel. The zoo holds a special place in the hearts of many, as it is a great San Francisco treasure along the foggy shores of Ocean Beach.

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Entranceway was constructed in its place. The Nature Trail path, trout stream, wetlands interpretive station, and a large bronze statue of geese now also reside where Storyland once stood. (Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.) Monkey Island was demolished in 1995. (Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.) Around the beginning of the 20th century, the Cagney Brothers’ Miniature Railroad Company manufactured seven 22-inch gauge Class E miniature steam locomotives. These trains were not created for work.

On the Nature Trail, I am currently a junior zoologist at the ARC, where I spend my weekends and summers caring for the animals. The zoo and its inhabitants have shaped the person I am today and have changed my life forever. (Courtesy of Jennifer Rauch.) Find more books like this at Search for your hometown history, your old stomping grounds, and even your favorite sports team.

Francisco Zoo.) The Aviary was designed in 1938 to provide birds with a naturalistic setting, such as this indoor river. (Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.) Workers in 1938 stand outside of the completed Aviary and paint synthetic trees that will be used to decorate its interior. (Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.) The outside of the nearly completed Aviary reflects the art deco style of the 1930s. (Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.) The back wing of the Aviary was located next to the.

Giraffe in this unusual 1964 photograph. (Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.) Curious onlookers surround the exterior of the giraffe stable. (Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.) A mother and baby zebra nuzzle together while spectators peer through the enclosure. (Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.) Two zebras pose in front of a crowd in 1932. Zebras have always been a part of the zoo’s animal collection because they are low maintenance compared to exotic animals. Original zookeepers were known.

Hatter’s Munch Bar, and drinking fountains featured Babar the elephant and Town Mouse and Country Mouse. Audio greetings welcomed visitors to scenes from Ole King Cole, Rapunzel’s Castle, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe circular slide, pictured below. (Courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo.) This scene from Winnie the Pooh added to the magic of Storyland. In February 1964, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department turned over all operation of Storyland to.

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