Raising Chickens: Answers to the Most Common Questions About Chicken Care, Feeding and Egg Laying

Raising Chickens: Answers to the Most Common Questions About Chicken Care, Feeding and Egg Laying

Rebecca Stillwell

Language: English

Pages: 53

ISBN: B008DVQ412

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Raising chickens is becoming a very popular hobby in residential and rural neighborhoods across the country and the world. For people new to raising chickens, there are a lot of questions and problems that they could possibly face. We've taken the most common questions people have about raising chickens and answered with great detail.

Some of the things you will learn in this book:

Is it Legal to Keep Chickens in Your Back Yard?
Can You Keep Chickens Safely With Dogs, Cats or Other Animals?
How Can I Make Money Selling Chicken Eggs?
How do I keep Predators From Killing my Chickens?

Plus a lot more!

We hope you enjoy this book and get a lot out of it. It has a lot of great information and these are truly the most often asked questions when raising chickens. You should be able to use this information to raise chickens successfully and to enjoy the process thoroughly.

Rebecca Stillwell

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Huge cage, thus preventing any and all predators from getting to your birds. If the full fence concept doesn’t really work for you, perhaps because your chickens are free range and need to be able to come and go as they please, you may want to consider shutting them up in their coop at night and then letting them roam during the day. If that is still too restricting, a good idea is to add some floodlights that click on if there’s movement from the perimeter around the coop, which may scare.

In ads. The majority of eggs are exactly the same save for some cosmetic differences, so plan accordingly when shopping for your breakfast materials.

Have a healthy, happy flock. The overall cost depends on how many chicks you intend to raise and for what purpose, but at the very least you can be sure that the simplest setup is still going to cost enough to make sure you’ll only give it a try if you’re serious about raising them right. To start with you’re going to need to buy some chicks. The cost all depends on the breed you’re looking into, but for the most part a simple average is $3 to plan off of. If your goal is to start raising.

That you’ll have the most luck just selling a few dozen eggs a month to friends and family, which will help offset the cost of raising your chickens in the first place. If you’re not content with just a little extra cash, then expect to go big with the operation, and while it’s not impossible, it does become a job very quickly. How Do You Keep Chickens Warm In Cold Weather? One of the biggest concerns when caring for chickens is how to keep them properly heated during the cold months.

Can’t keep out the cold as well, so they need to stay clean. Sweeping and washing the coop on a regular basis is just simple maintenance that you should be doing anyway, but letting this chore go undone can result in some unhappy and rather cold chickens. The same goes for their bedding. Wood chips or stray can be rather warm nests of comfort that also stop the cold from affecting the chickens as regularly, but dirty bedding that’s saturated with chicken waste won’t be much of a help for.

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