Hipster Puppies

Hipster Puppies

Christopher R. Weingarten

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0451233298

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Internet phenomenon that unleashed "adorable emo puppies with bed head, ironic sunglasses, and snobby musical tastes". (Entertainment Weekly)

They spend their time sniffing around local farmer's markets, pawing through stacks of vinyl at the record store, and making biting remarks at the café. They're hipster puppies-and they're always snarky, impeccably accessorized, and undeniably adorable.

From the site hipsterpuppies.tumblr.com comes never-before-seen photos of these pupsters at play, as well as some of the blog's most popular shots. With their oversized egos-and sunglasses-they run the gamut from music festival fauxhemians to ironic trucker-hat-wearing vegans. And they're guaranteed to melt readers' jaded hearts.

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To the whole foods fuck you, asshole urban outfitters manager, i only wore it like four times lola got booted from the food co-op after just showing up every week and drinking olive hasn’t exactly grasped the difference between “vintage” and “old and shitty” after last night, eleanor better get checked for fleas and hpv mgmt better go on soon because milo just sweated off his nicorette patch scottie’s itunes folder is better organized than his life emma rearranged the.

On it, but come on, man margi tells people she does “graphic design” for a living, but in reality does “nothing” buster will take you to a burrito place where there’s “real mexicans” dear nikon, how do you get red stripe and puke out of a d3000 digital slr camera? signed, mr. muffins oliver flunked out of art school, but it’s too bad his professors couldn’t see how well he could paint snagglepuss onto a bong peanut waited all night for his kanye air yeezys, but lost his temper.

Cherokee” but really means “took a sociology class” dodger says the words “bike culture” out loud at least once a day ivan weeped at the sigur rós show but didn’t cry at his dad’s funeral funemployment math: one cup of coffee = ability to hang in coffee shop for two and a half hours but still watches mad men and arrested development on her macbook pro lucy and lio are living proof there is love after hooking up in a bonnaroo port-a-john i’ve had all my shots . . . can i.

Rivera] PAGE 21. tilly [B. Janz] PAGE 22. ammo [Sonja Pacho, Jen Ng, Meg Allan Cole, MRNVR and Jenelle Mapp] PAGE 23. stella [Carol Hu] PAGE 24. ezra [Paige Winn] PAGE 25. boxcar [Cassandra Rose] PAGE 26. bessie [Cassie Rose Kobeski] PAGE 27. lola [Cat Perez] PAGE 28. olive [Alice Hsieh and Carlton Forbes] PAGE 29. eleanor [Chris & Sarah] PAGE 30. milo [Lauren Ahkiam] PAGE 31. scottie [Corin M. Zaragoza] PAGE 32. emma [Lauren Fusco] PAGE 33. caina [Dan Stemmerman and Skyler.

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